Born In A Manger

by Washington, H. Rodney

ISBN: 9781951121167
Size: 6x9
Pages: 439
Born In A Manger, NOTHING'S STRANGER! Come ENTER the criminal underworld, full OF danger! Come take THIS WILD-RIDE, of a story written outside-the-lines, written by an outside-the-lines mind! For, homeless, addicts, hookers and nuts, pimps, pushers, players and us, is what YOU WILL find! And, to be sure, what YOU ARE IN for, are no shortage of, uniquely-creative metaphors! And, YOU WILL SEE, every VIVID description...UNAPOLOGETICALLY AND FEARLESSLY-WRITTEN!!! And, if you are the type, to judge a book by it's cover...then go and BUY THE BOOK of another! -RHW