ISBN: 9780674980822
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Category: Economics
“Might become even more politically influential than the French economist’s 2013 overview of inequality, Capital in the Twenty-First Century…Piketty explains why this could be the moment for a turn to equality, and which policies could make that happen.”―Simon Kuper, Financial Times

“Thomas Piketty’s books are always monumental…In the same way that Capital in the Twenty-First Century has transformed how economists look at inequality, Capital and Ideology will transform the way political scientists look at their own field.”―Branko Milanovic, ProMarket

“An astonishing experiment in social science, one that defies easy comparison. In its ambition, obsessive testimony and sheer oddness, it is closer to the spirit of Karl Ove Knausgård than of Karl Marx…Will be impossible to ignore.”―William Davies, The Guardian

“A book of remarkable clarity and dynamism. Drawing lessons from a breathtaking survey of different historical experiences, it teaches us that nothing is inevitable, that there exist a whole range of possibilities between hypercapitalism and the disasters of the communist experience. It’s up to us to make our future. Let’s roll up our sleeves.”―Esther Duflo, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

“A believer in how capitalism can be used to eradicate inequality, Piketty argues for new taxation systems that might minimize the gap between the one percent and the underserved. Whether he’s right or wrong, his dazzling intellect makes for thought-provoking reading.”―Washington Post

“Spenglerian in scope, Piketty’s critique reaches far back in history and across the globe…It’s an admirable corrective to the usual Eurocentrism of Western economists…Piketty has modified his thinking since his previous opus. Rather than imply that rising inequality is a problem inherent in capitalism, he now suggests that the levels of inequality we get are the ones we countenance―that they’re entirely a matter of political and ideological choices.”―Idrees Kahloon, New Yorker

“More like a history of the world than an economics book…An awe-inspiring breadth of data is tapped…And after dives into such detail, unlike the average data aficionado, Piketty always soars back up to the big picture. On occasion, a blistering insight can cut through reams of history.”―Tom Clark, Prospect

“The breadth of Piketty’s learning is extraordinary…Politicians who hope for more than a short durée in power would do well to digest the main thesis.”―Howard Davies, Literary Review

“[In] Piketty’s magisterial survey of the central role that ideas and discourse have played in alternately justifying and questioning societies’ inequities, we are reminded that political uprisings, financial collapses, and wars―think the French Revolution, the Great Depression, and World War II―are what drive change.”―Scott LaPierre, Harvard Business Review

“Has virtues that many post-Marxist critiques lack…Piketty’s sweeping scholarship enhances, rather than obscures, his central argument.”―The Economist
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