by Tea Obreht

ISBN: 9780812992861
Publisher: Random House
Category: Fiction
It's been eight years since Téa Obreht's debut "The Tiger's Wife" was published, which means it's been eight long years of constantly checking to see when her next novel would be out. Luckily for all of us, INLAND does not disappoint. It's a hard book to talk about without spoiling the sheer beauty of its construction, but know that it involves the American West, ghosts, exotic animals, and outlaws -not to mention what now feels like Obreht's signature addictive and lyrical prose. It's a stunner of a book that I haven't been able to stop talking about even though I finished it a month ago, and I suspect that won't change for a long time to come.
Recommended by Cari
Hardcover: $27.00