by Alan Hollinghurst

ISBN: 9781101874561
Category: Fiction
Not to sound hyperbolic, but Alan Hollinghurst is one of, if not the best writer of English prose today. He proves this once again in his new book The Sparsholt Affair out March 13, which I was fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of. The story spans across 3 generations of the Sparsholt family, starting first with the patriarch of the family, then moving to his son as a young boy through adulthood. While this may seem unnerving to some, Hollinghurst moves through them with ease and guides the reader along. Those who enjoyed Call Me By Your Name (the movie and book) will find this book familiar in the best way, as Hollinghurst plays with their happiness as opposed to their trauma. Readers will equally enjoy the secrecy the novel plays with “It was that brief time between sunset and the blackout,” one of the characters explains “when you could see into other people’s rooms.” The book’s action takes place off the page as much as it takes place on it. Those wanting to pre-order a copy can do so by calling or coming in. You can also check out his other books, such as The Line of Beauty for which he won the Man Booker Prize.
Recommended by Nick A.
Paperback: $28.95