by Patricia Lockwood

ISBN: 9781594633737
Category: Autobiography
Even if you don't usually go for memoirs (I'm not generally a fan), PRIESTDADDY is unmissable. Patricia Lockwood, a poet who became the poet version of famous on Twitter in the early 2010s, applies her irreverent and occasionally obscene sensibility to prose so adeptly that it's kind of a miracle to behold. PRIESTDADDY is both laugh out loud funny and exquisitely beautiful: every sentence is a surprise, ending somewhere far from where it began yet leaving you with the sense that any other description of a family road trip, a high school play, or the epiphany that precedes the writing of a poem would fall terribly short. Lockwood turns language inside out, finding nooks and crannies that simply weren't there before. It's a kind of transubstantiation that perhaps only the daughter of a happily married Catholic priest (yes, that's a real thing) could deliver.
One of the New York Times 10 Best Books of 2017
Recommended by Rebecca
Paperback: $27.00